Capt. Kim Davis, Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command (NMRTC) San Diego's commanding officer (left), awards Jessica Beltran, a clinical resident assigned to NMRTC San Diego (right), with a 36th annual NMRTC San Diego Academic Research Appreciation Award during a ceremony at the hospital June 24. 


Navy Medical Readiness and Training Command (NMRTC) San Diego Clinical Investigation Department (CID) honored the local winners of the Navy-wide Academic Research Competition (ARC) awards June 24.

The Navy-wide ARC was held at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this year.

Winners are as follows:

-Lt. Matthew Stein placed first in laboratory category 1B for his study, “Pilot Comparison of Intraosseous Catheter Placement and Flow Characteristics of Five Infusion Devices in a Cadaveric Swine (Sus Scrofa) Proximal Humerus and Sternum Model.”

-Jessica Beltran placed second in clinical category 1A for her study, “Overcoming Adversity and Stress Injury Support (OASIS): Evaluation of Residential Treatment Outcomes for U.S. Service Members with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

-Lt. Elise Seinicki placed third in the clinical category 1A for her study, “Does Liposomal Bupivacaine Decrease Postoperative Opioid Use as part of Enhanced Recovery after Bariatric Surgery Pathway? A Prospective, Double-blind, Randomized Controlled Trial.”

“The ARC is a great chance for residents and staff to showcase their amazing research efforts which are instrumental in maintaining a medically-ready force in an ever-changing world,” said Lt. Cmdr. Mary Sullivan, a local ARC organizer. “It is also a great opportunity for residents to learn about a different aspect of research through the mentorship provided by staff in reviewing abstracts and posters at the local competition. It was an honor to be involved with the competition this year and see all of the amazing work physicians and staff across this command are doing.”

“ARC highlights the outstanding science NMRTC San Diego contributes as part of Navy Research and plays a significant role in shaping the future of military medicine,” said Sweden De Matas, NMRTC San Diego’s CID Department Head.

NMRTC San Diego’s mission is to prepare service members to deploy in support of operational forces, deliver high quality healthcare services and shape the future of military medicine through education, training and research. NMRTC San Diego employs more than 6,000 active duty military personnel, civilians and contractors in Southern California to provide patients with world-class care anytime, anywhere.

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