Vice Admiral Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Navy Installations Command, discussed his strategic priorities for Navy installations, the challenges currently facing the shore enterprise, and the importance of community partnerships at the Association of Defense Communities (ADC) Re-Connect Conference held July 20.

“Being positioned, equipped, and ready to support the Navy are the top priorities for CNIC,” said Lindsey. Within those top line priorities, Lindsey touched on several focus areas including investing in our Navy shipyards, ensuring our infrastructure and facilities are resilient to impacts of climate change and extreme weather, and fostering partnerships in the community to achieve outcomes beneficial to all.

“Our Navy installations must work with local communities to find solutions to the challenging issues that we all face, such as sea level rise, climate change and energy resilience,” said Lindsey. “We rely on the communities around us, and these conversations have to be an “all in” effort.”

Vice Adm. Lindsey also spoke about the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. “I lost 17 team members from CNIC during the pandemic, and I never want to lose sight of that,” said Lindsey. He added that when much of the world shut down, the Navy installations’ mission could not and did not stop.

“I’m proud of what the Navy did during the pandemic. We kept sailing, we kept meeting mission both here and abroad, and I think we did a pretty darn good job, all things considered,” said Lindsey. He also explained how CNIC is leveraging opportunities presented by a virtual environment, including facility cost savings and a larger labor pool to draw from as a result of increased remote and telework options.

Vice Adm. Lindsey also reinforced the importance of community and installation partnerships, thanking the ADC community.

“When I became a base commander in 2009, I learned how critical your communities are, and how important the people in those communities were to what I did at the installation. Thank you for your advocacy and your support,” Lindsey said.

As the Navy's shore integrator, CNIC is responsible for worldwide U.S. Navy shore installation management, designing and developing integrated solutions for sustainment and development of Navy shore programs and infrastructure. With more than 53,000 military and civilian personnel worldwide across 10 regions and 70 installations, CNIC is responsible for the operations, maintenance and quality of life programs to sustain the fleet, enable the fighter, and support the family. For more news from CNIC, visit www.cnic.navy.mil or follow the command’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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