Q: I have questions about housing and don't know where to start, who should I talk to?

A: The Housing Service Center offers a full range of housing options if interested in renting or purchasing. Be sure to check in with the HSC, Norfolk, VA, for all of the latest information, listings and assistance. The HSC will assist you in locating appropriate rental housing to meets your needs and provides protection from leases and avoiding discrimination with your housing agreement.

The HSC works closely with landlords and property managers in the community which lead to the Rental Partnership Program (RPP). There are many advantages renting within the RPP including: properties inspected by the HSC, reduced or no security deposits, payment by allotment and discounts on rent. When you are authorized to live in the local community, you will draw BAH (or OHA). The HSC also has information on local community housing.

UH PPV is a partnership between the government and a private management company. The private partner manages and operates the facilities with government oversight. Our facilities are comparable to some of the best available in the local community. When you live in UH PPV, a signed lease is needed, draw BAH and pay rent by allotment.

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