Cadet Seaman Maryjane Marroquin, 17, of San Antonio, a senior attending Southwest High School, was awarded the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship in the amount of $180,000.


America’s Navy awarded the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship to Maryjane Marroquin, 17, of San Antonio, during a ceremony held at the Navy’s Virtual Reality Experience, the “Nimitz”, during Navy Week at the school.

The NROTC scholarship, valued at up to $180,000, pays for the cost of full tuition, books and other educational fees at many of the country’s leading colleges and universities. Upon graduation, midshipmen are commissioned as ensigns in the Navy or second lieutenants in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Marroquin, who aspires to become a Naval aviator, will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall.

“This scholarship means the world to me,” said Marroquin, who’s only been in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program during her senior year. “I am happy that I am able to take the financial burden off of my parents.”

Retired Navy Capt. James Cox, the Senior Naval Science instructor assigned to Southwest High School is extremely proud of Marroquin.

“She is an outstanding cadet who has only been in our program her senior year,” said Cox. “She immediately joined our drill team and was an easy nomination for the NROTC Scholarship.”

Joining Marroquin at the ceremony were her guardians and family members to include district administrators and school faculty.

“I’m just so proud of her,” said Maria Zapata, Marroquin’s guardian. “She worked hard for this, and we could not have been able to pay for her college.”

The Navy offers several scholarship programs to help pay for school so a person can enjoy a normal college life and focus on their studies before starting a career in the Navy.

Through these programs, a person will enter the Navy in a leadership position as a commissioned officer. Officers in the Navy have responsibilities that include anything from low-level management to the highest levels of command.

For more information about the NROTC Scholarship program, visit www.navy.com.

Navy Weeks are the service’s signature outreach program that enable the Navy to build and strengthen ties to the community.

Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) San Antonio’s area of responsibility includes two Talent Acquisition Onboarding Centers (TAOC) which manage more than 34 Navy Recruiting Stations and Navy Officer Recruiting Stations spread throughout 144,000 square miles of Central and South Texas territory.

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