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Sailors can now request name changes online via MyNavy Portal, Navy leaders said June 28.

To initiate a name change, Sailors simply log into MyNavy Portal ( and find “Name Change” under the “My Record” menu. This service, like the recent Officer Photograph submission enhancement, turns a once-manual and lengthy process into a streamlined, Sailor-friendly process. Turnaround times for these requests decrease from months to days.

“The previous name change process involved many steps and required service members to provide their supporting documentation to their servicing personnel support organization/representative,” said Paul Wilder, director, Records Management and Benefits Division, Navy Personnel Command (NPC).

Once the Sailor submitted their paperwork, it was validated and sent to the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Help Desk for entry into NSIPS. From there, the documentation was sent to NPC’s Personnel Information Management Department for entry into the Sailor’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).

“The new system expedites the process, and now name changes are completed in about two days rather than months,” Wilder explained.

The automated name change process provides a self-service automated form, the ability to attach supporting documentation and automated routing/work flow to NPC for completion of the process and an automated update to associated databases.

Now that the process is in place, the Records Management Division is in the process of addressing the remainder of legacy name change requests that currently reside in NSIPS.

To date, more than 670 name change requests have been completed using the automated process.

For more information regarding name changes, read MILPERSMAN 1000-130 at

For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit

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