NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Suzette Graham, Patriot Angels CEO asks President Trump and Secretary Wilkie to use her company to help elderly U.S. Wartime Veterans and widows get approved for their Pension with Aid and Attendance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Senior Veterans are high risk against COVID-19 and they need their pensions to fund their protection. Help a Veteran and share this story.

President Trump and Honorable Wilkie,

Thank you for your ongoing work bettering the lives of our Veterans.

I am requesting additional help for the Wartime Veterans and widows who are high risk seniors fighting against COVID-19. These Veterans and widows are in need of their Pension with Aid and Attendance.

Wartime Veterans fear they won't be able to pay their rent and face eviction. Senior living communities are bearing the financial burden because these Vets are not receiving their pensions. If bold action isn't taken, Veterans and spouses will soon be without care and housing, magnifying their risk against COVID-19. I am asking you to allow Patriot Angels to help expedite the application process.

Marie, of Minneapolis, MN, calls the benefits system "truly broken". She is a caretaking family member of Naomi and Jack who served as a Merchant Marine during WWII. VA applications generally take 90-120 days, they waited over 555. Together, they are eligible for $2,233.00 a month, plus back pay for 18 months.

Michael, an elder law attorney in Rochester, NY has been working for over a year seeking approval for his mother, Joan, widow of Robert who served in the Air Force during the Korean War. Michael says, "I cannot imagine an average person trying to go through this process. I have spent 50+ hours on gathering and putting together all the information necessary for the application, only to be erroneously denied." Patriot Angels stepped in, two and a half months later, Joan was approved.

Major General Dan York says "Patriot Angels is a major game-changer! I will always be profoundly grateful to them for their rapid assistance in helping my parents get the financial help they needed."

Patriot Angels helps U.S. wartime Veterans and widows with obtaining their Pension with Aid and Attendance by solid education, a pinpoint pre-eligibility consultation assessment and streamlining the application process.

I would be honored for your consideration to be a part of the solution. Sincerely, Suzette Graham CEO Patriot Angels

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