As part of a Periodic Health Assessment, Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Telisia Duge´prepares to draw blood from a sailor at Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s vaccine off-site location.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville now offers an innovative way for service members (sailors, Marines, or Coast Guard) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and complete required periodic health assessments (PHA) at the same time.

“Service members can now complete their annual periodic health assessments during the required wait period following their COVID-19 vaccination,” says Capt. Teresa Allen, commander of Naval Hospital Jacksonville and commanding officer of Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Jacksonville. “By doing this, we have essentially created a one-stop readiness shop.”

The PHA is a screening tool used to evaluate the individual medical readiness of service members. It can be conducted alone, or combined with other individual medical readiness needs like immunizations or dental exams.

To complete a PHA while you wait, service members need to:

• inform their chain of command

• register and complete an online questionnaire at: https://data.nmcphc.med.navy.mil/PHA/Index.aspx

• complete an online health risk assessment at: https://surveys.max.gov/911272?lang=en

• schedule their COVID-19 vaccination (first or second dose) online at Defense Health Agency’s appointment portal at: https://informaticsstage.health.mil/COVAX

The PHA is an annual health assessment that is required to ensure the individual medical readiness of Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard active duty and reserves.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville is offering this opportunity at its COVID-19 vaccine off-site location, at Naval Air Station Jacksonville’s Officers Club. Service members can schedule their COVID-19 vaccine at online at: https://informatics-stage.health.mil/COVAX.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville and Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Jacksonville deliver health care and readiness. NH Jacksonville and its five branch health clinics serve 175,000 active duty, active duty family members, and retired service members, including 57,000 patients enrolled with a primary care manager. NMRTC Jacksonville and its five units support warfighters' medical readiness to deploy and clinicians' readiness to save lives. To learn more, visit: https://jacksonville.tricare.mil.

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