A Sailor, from the amphibious dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50), participates in a visit, board search and seizure (VBSS) team training exercise from a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) with the training support vessel USS Prevail (TSV 1). 


The NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk Contracting Department recently awarded a $54 million contract to provide qualified mariner and logistical support to Training Support Vessel Squadron (TSVRON) ships as required by Carrier Strike Group FOUR (CSG-4).

The TSVs are training support vessels crewed by a mix of civilian and contract mariners who use the vessels to create a realistic training environment that includes academic, synthetic and live training in support of the United States Fleet Forces Command Fleet Response Training Plan.

The contract was awarded to Great Eastern Group, Inc. for a base period commencing April 9, 2021 with an option to continue services through Oct. 8, 2026.

According to Chris Whiteside, lead contract specialist for the contract, a contract award of this size and with this many layers requires strict attention to detail and multiple levels of review, but he and the U.S. Fleet Forces Branch of Code 235 were up to the task.

“The Training Support Vessels operated by CSG-4’s TSVRON are critical multi-million dollar Fleet training assets, providing services that include information warfare, surface target and aerial drone presentations for live fire events, maritime interdiction operations for boarding team training, and other classified missions,” said Whiteside. “There are challenges on all requirements, and open communication with the customer to develop the best contractual strategy is key. Our team is skilled at this type of work and rises to any challenges that arise.”

The missions performed by TSVRON are critical as part of the deployment certification process for deploying carrier strike groups, Marine expeditionary units, and independent deployers. “U.S. Fleet Forces Command considers these vessels essential components of the advanced training and certification process, and without contract crew components, these ships would not be able to sail to accomplish their training and certification events,” said Whiteside.

CSG-4, in support of the Fleet Response Training Plan, operates five training support vessels: TSV-1 Prevail, TSV-2 Hugo, TSV-3 Hunter, TSV-4 Narraganset and TSV-5 Vindicator. They comprise the Training Support Vessel Squadron.

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