NORFOLK, Va. – Now open - Naval Station Norfolk welcomed two new Navy Exchange (NEX) Micro Markets, which offer of easy access and self-checkout, inside buildings N-26 and X-2.  

The Micro Market is a self-service, self-checkout store that offers an array of fresh food, healthy snacks and beverages at a convenient location. They are strategically placed in areas with a large number of possible customers and where those customers may have limited product options. 

 "The initiative to open both of these Micro Markets here at Naval Station Norfolk began six years ago and it is awesome to finally see them open,” said Tim Lake from the Integration Program Office.  “The sales at both locations has greatly exceeded what was anticipated, so clearly they are a huge hit.”  

 Self-checkout and self-service stores are nothing new, and the NEX is following the trend. The first Micro Market opened in Mayport, Florida over six years ago.  

Both the N-26 and X-2 Micro Markets are open 24 hours per day, seven days a week and take both cash and credit card payments. The market has a team of people who are in charge of restocking the store as needed for optimal Sailor convenience.

“Sailors have the opportunity to come in and pick up a snack at any time they want no matter what they’ve got going on,” said Lake. “This allows them to be taken care of anytime they need.” 

NAVSTA Norfolk’s Micro Markets offers more than 480 different items to purchase including healthy choice food items such as salads, fruit and snack options as well as hot and cold beverages and a variety of heat and serve meals and sandwiches.

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