Commander, Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Atlantic (CHSMWL) has ordered aircraft at Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville and Naval Station (NS) Mayport to set Sortie Condition Alpha and evacuate on Sept. 1 as Hurricane Dorian heads toward Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

A total of seven squadrons assigned to Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic will begin hurricane evacuation (HURREVAC) to locations throughout Navy Regions Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Additionally, squadrons will move aircraft unable to evacuate inside hangars for the duration of the storm. Sortie Condition Alpha indicates destructive weather conditions are expected within 24 hours and initiates the execution for all ships and squadrons able to get underway.

More than 70 aircraft from the following squadrons are expected to HURREVAC: the “Jaguars” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 60, the “Spartans” of HSM-70, the “Proud Warriors” of HSM-72, the “Swamp Foxes” of HSM-74 will depart NAS Jacksonville.

Additionally, the “Airwolves” of HSM-40, the “Grandmasters” of HSM-46, and the “Vipers” of HSM-48 will depart NS Mayport.

On Aug. 30, Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11 ordered 36 aircraft at NAS Jacksonville evacuate due to Hurricane Dorian. A total of six squadrons assigned to CNAL relocated to locations through Navy Regions Southeast and Mid-Atlantic to ensure the safety of personnel and the aircraft.

Media interested in the U.S. Navy’s overall response to Hurricane Dorian, should contact U.S. Fleet Forces Command Public Affairs at 757-836-3630.

Media interested in covering NAS Jacksonville should contact Public Affairs Officer Kaylee LaRocque at 904-537-8313.

Media interested in covering Naval Station Mayport’s Public Affairs Officer Bill Austin at 904-629-7145.

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