The NFL’s Buffalo Bills helped to celebrate NTAG Pittsburgh’s Bronze "R" Award by displaying congratulatory messages on their jumbotron screens at Bills Stadium.


Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Pittsburgh’ mission is to recruit the best and brightest men and women for service in America’s Navy. For its performance during fiscal year 2020, NTAG Pittsburgh was awarded Navy Recruiting Command’s (NRC) Bronze “R” Award.

The Bronze R is the award that any recruiting command receives if they achieve all facets of the officer and enlisted recruiting mission. NTAG Pittsburgh last won the award in 2009. To be eligible for the award, an NTAG must achieve all Enlisted “E” and Officer “O” recruiting categories selected by NRC.

“A year ago this command set a goal, and that goal was to earn the Bronze R,” said Cmdr. Brandon Smith, commanding officer of Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Pittsburgh.

“It was nothing short of an all hands effort. Together we make a great team, and as a team we achieve great things. The awards are great and the recognition is wonderful, but at the end of the day we don’t do it for the awards. We do it because it’s our duty. We do it because it’s our mission.”

The NFL’s Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers helped to celebrate NTAG Pittsburgh’s accomplishments by displaying congratulatory messages on their jumbotron screens at Bills Stadium and Heinz Field.

Master Chief Navy Counselor Frederick Tuiel, NTAG Pittsburgh chief recruiter is honored to celebrate the accomplishment for more reasons that one. Tuiel, who is a big football fan, takes pride in NTAG Pittsburgh’s most recent award.

“In the Navy we’re big on outreach and inclusion and that’s another partnership that we have in our cities,” Tuiel said. “The Recruiting R means so much to me because I joined the Navy to serve my country. The job that we’re charged with is to provide the highest quality men and women for enlistment and commissioning into the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve. Being awarded the Bronze R signifies that we did just that.”

Other Bronze “R” winners included NRD New England, NTAG New Orleans, NTAG Ohio River Valley, NRD Phoenix, NTAG Portland, NTAG Rocky Mountain, and NRD San Antonio.

Established August 1, 2018, NTAG Pittsburgh oversees Navy recruiting efforts over approximately 65,000 square miles of territory throughout parts of western Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Maryland.

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