Command University's (CU) (Code 900CU) Management and Program Analyst Turner Anthony instructs Lifting and Handling (Code 740) Rigger Leader (Shop 72) Britton Williams Hawkins during CU's new High Velocity Work Leader Course.


Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) recently introduced its new High Velocity Work Leader (HVWL) course, a three-month hybrid course that consists of eLearning and in-person sessions. This initiative is in direct support of NNSY’s People Development Strategic Framework pillar.

According to Command University’s (Code 900CU) (CU) Management and Program Analyst Turner Anthony, the HVWL course was created to provide first line leaders with essential supervisory skills, enabling work leaders to assume many of the responsibilities of the first level supervisor in the supervisor’s absence. “It incorporates emerging leader content, critical core competencies (communication, emotional intelligence, accountability, problem solving, team building and conflict mastery) and resources such as online leadership courses,” he explained. “It also integrates the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed to stand in for the supervisor in their absence and/or assist in their daily responsibilities.”

Before participating in the course, production and refueling work leaders must complete a number of required prerequisites. Participants must have completed the Foundations of Leadership (FOL) (L023) or Skills for Emerging Leader (C900CU-SEL) courses, LinkedIn Learning modules on Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Strength Finders assessment, Completion of Work Review (G002A) and the Quality Control for Nuclear Supervisors (NS-N3002). Additionally, refueling work leaders are required to complete Lead Shift Supervisor (R-24) training. All of these prerequisites can be obtained through CU. Prior to enrolling in the course, participants must have access to Automated Training Management System (ATMS), Supervisor Desk (SUPDESK), and Advanced Industrial Management (AIM) software.

The HVWL course is currently scheduled for one to two in-person sessions per quarter. To enroll in the course, interested participants should sign up online after confirming with their training manager that they have completed all of the required prerequisites. For more information or to sign up, visit ATMS and search for C900CU-WLHV or visit the Command University SharePoint page.

According to Anthony, production work leaders should take this course because it will allow them to share daily responsibilities and give their first line supervisors (1LS) time to evaluate, plan, and increase opportunities to mentor deckplate mechanics. “The return on investment with emerging supervisory skills within our work leaders will provide personal development, increased organizational work structure, and satisfaction with meeting the NNSY mission of dependable delivery of ships,” he said.

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