Rear Adm. Brian L. Davies, left, relieves Rear Adm. James P. Waters, right, as Commander, Submarine Group Two (SUBGRU2) at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads in Norfolk, Va., March 26.


Submarine Group Two held a change of command ceremony at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, March 26.

Rear Adm. Brian L. Davies relieved Rear Adm. James P. Waters as Commander, Submarine Group Two.

Adm. Christopher W. Grady, commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, praised Waters for his leadership and success over the past 18 months.

“You fostered an elite culture that is capable of fighting and winning decisively against any potential for a Fourth Battle of the Atlantic, should that come to pass,” Grady said. “Your team has led the way on innovative tactical techniques and procedures that increased multi-domain forces under ASW to face those peer competitors.”

Waters thanked the command for their dedication and hard work.

"It is clear that no one of us is capable of conducting this mission alone,” Waters said. “We do this as a team of teams, and I am deeply grateful to our Navy for the privilege of serving with a superb team of professionals within, around, and above Submarine Group Two. I was inspired every day by the dedicated and innovative work of my entire task force.”

Waters’ next assignment is as Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division, N13, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

While assuming command, Davies highlighted what an honor it is to lead Submarine Group Two.

“I look forward to joining the Submarine Group Two team,” Davies said. “I am honored to be your new commander.”

Submarine Group Two executes integrated multi-domain undersea warfare to advance the art of theater undersea warfare providing our nation fully aware, fully informed, and fully connected undersea warfare forces to remain ready to dominate the warfighting spectrum from great power competition to conflict.

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