Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Bill Lescher arrives as a member of the official party for Vice Adm. Rick Snyder’s retirement ceremony at Naval Station Mayport, July 30.

Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Adm. Bill Lescher traveled to Florida July 29-30 to hear from Sailors and meet with key leaders in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Mayport.
“I am encouraged by the strong initiative and leadership broadly evident in our discussions,” said Lescher. “These units and organizations are bringing a strong sense of urgency in driving outcomes key to the Navy’s most challenging problems.”

 While in Orlando, Lescher visited the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Support Division (NAWC-TSD) and discussed key elements of the Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS), a capability which provides realistic training in a virtual environment to simulate a variety of systems and scenarios that Sailors will encounter in the fleet. He also learned about the Central Florida Tech Grove, an extension of Navy’s NavalX program, designed to drive velocity in Navy innovation by bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators, academics and the military’s modeling and simulation community.

In Jacksonville, Lescher met with Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville-based leaders and discussed software innovation with P-8 warfighter-programmers at the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Weapons School (MPRWS).

 “The warfighters at the P-8 Weapons School are passionately pursuing innovative solutions that make the Navy not only more lethal, but also more effective in generating readiness,” said Lescher, regarding their Software Development Team. “What also stood out was their humility in learning how to adjust and iterate their software tools in order to maximize rapid fleet adoption.” 

In Mayport, Lescher visited with helicopter squadrons to discuss lessons learned in scaling Naval Sustainment System (NSS) Aviation best practices; with the Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) to discuss progress in partnering with our private shipyard industrial partners to improve CNO Maintenance Availability execution; and with the USS Carney (DDG 64), to learn from the Chief’s Mess and Wardroom about their experience and insights in executing an ongoing CNO Maintenance Availability.

At each stop, Lescher recognized outstanding performers. “These trips are exceptionally valuable in highlighting the strength and tenacity that our Sailors and civilians demonstrate every day, and in illuminating the 4-star barrier removal actions I can take that will accelerate their effectiveness in driving significant readiness and lethality outcomes,” said Lescher.

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