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DoD releases 2020 budget proposal

In addition to increased demands for manpower and vessels, the FY 2020 budget proposes a 3.1 percent pay raise for military personnel. Read more

Military musicians play an important role for America. And they learn the gig in Hampton Roads.

It may not be well known beyond the gates of Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, but Army and Navy music schools train hundreds and young men and women annually. Read more

Army bill for public records on contaminant: About $300,000

The U.S. Army has put a price tag on releasing the results of water tests for a dangerous contaminant at military installations: nearly $300,000. Read more

U.S. military plans release of Tenant Bill of Rights

In light of ongoing housing issues and liabilities, all four service branches are preparing a joint venture to help remedy these issues by both protecting and empowering service members and their families. Read more