Advancement Symposium

The crowd listens as Yeoman 1st Class Rhene Smith presents information at the Hampton Roads YN/PS/LN Advancement Symposium onboard Naval Station Norfolk February 11, 2020. The event was held at the C-9 building and is a study hall type of environment that gets Sailors ready for advancement exams.


Sailors from the yeoman, personnel specialist and legalman ratings conducted a Hampton Roads YN/PS/LN Advancement Symposium at the C-9 building onboard Naval Station Norfolk, Feb. 11-12.

The Sailors helped tutor and mentor fellow Sailors to become proficient with administrative-based evaluation manual instruction, said Senior Chief Yeoman Chere Watson, the event’s organizer.

“We deal in reality,” said Watson.

The event is held three times a year—before the Chief exam in January and the March and September E4-E6 exams—said Watson.

“What is this,” asked Watson. “It’s a competition at the end of the day.”

The event is a study hall type of environment open to all Sailors and geared toward admin, said Watson.

The event is a chance to get subject matter experts together to process information and engage with fellow administrative professionals, said Yeoman 1st Class Rhene Smith, a presenter at the event.

This event will be the third one attended by Smith, who has been in the Navy for six years.

“Just come with a notebook and an open mind,” said Smith. “And try to be there for both days.”

“The training is not confusing and not basic either,” said Personnel Specialist 2nd Class Alex Belarmino.

Belarmino, who has been in the Navy for seven years, is a new attendee to the event.

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