• All vehicles have been abandoned on the Naval Station and are sold as is. There is no guarantee that the vehicles will run. Vehicles are not guaranteed as to year or state inspection. SPECIAL ODOMETER NOTE: DO NOT rely on the odometer reading, as it could be incorrect. Odometer reading could be more or less. Bidders are explicitly advised to closely examine the vehicle they are bidding on. There are no guarantees expressed or implied.


Vehicles may be viewed at SP-123 from 1000 to 1300 on the Monday and Tuesday prior to the day of the auction. There will be a list of vehicles available at the viewing: however, any vehicle may be pulled from the auction up until the close of business Tuesday. Everyone entering the lot must have valid CAC/Military ID card. This auction is only open to our military/CAC card holders. (Active Duty, Retirees, Dependents, Civil Service)


All bidders must be registered and have a bidder number. Receipt of a bidder number implies an understanding of the legal obligations to these stated rules and regulations. Registration will start at 1000 on the day of the auction at the auction site. Bidders must register their name and address as they wish them to appear on the Certificate to Obtain Title. The MWR Department reserves the right to refuse to register bidders who have previously failed to follow the rules of their auctions. Registered bidders are responsible for all bids under their number. You, the registered bidder, are responsible for bids tendered, irrespective of the designated purchaser of the vehicle. i.e. DO NOT BUY A CAR FOR A FRIEND OR RELATIVE UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PURCHASE. The Certificate to Obtain Title must be made out in the name of the winning bidder. Do not bid on a car and then request that the Certificate to Obtain Title be prepared in someone else’s name.


The auction will normally start at noon on Wednesday at the direction of the auctioneer. The auctioneer will proceed down the row of vehicles taking verbal bids on each vehicle in turn. Bidders who are interested in a particular vehicle should stand near the vehicle so that the auctioneer will hear their bid. All sales are final. Please be sure of the vehicle you are bidding on. Bidders may not participate in the auction while on their phones or electronic devices. The MWR Department reserves the right to refuse any and all bids and to settle any and all disputes involving bids. This is an absolute auction. There are no extra fees or charges that must be paid. The bid price is the sale price. Once the auctioneer declares a vehicle “sold”, the high bidder must sign a Form 1348-I (transfer of government property) acknowledging the bid price.


IF PAYMENT IS MADE IN FULL ON THE DAY OF THE AUCTION: The highest bidder on each vehicle may pay in full on the day of the auction at SP-314. Such payment must be made in the form of cash or credit card (no checks). If payment is made in full on the day of the auction, the Certificate to Obtain Title (Form 97) will be prepared immediately and presented to the buyer. Payments are taken until 1530 auction day.

IF PAYMENT IS NOT MADE IN FULL ON THE DAY OF THE AUCTION: The highest bidder must pay a minimum of $20 or 10% deposit, whichever is greater, on the day of the auction. This non-refundable payment may be made by cash or credit card. The remaining balance must be paid with cash or credit card (no checks) within five working days. Payment must be made at the Naval Station Impound Lot office, Bldg SP-314 located at the end of 10th Ave., between the hours of 0900 and 1630. When the complete payment is made within five working days of the auction, the Certificate to Obtain Title will be issued to the buyer. The signed Form 1348-I will act as a bill of sale for removal of the vehicle from the auction site.

FAILURE TO MAKE FULL PAYMENT WITHIN FIVE WORKING DAYS: The failure on the part of the bidder to make full payment within five working days of the auction will make the sale null and void, and result in the forfeiture of any deposits. The vehicle will then be re-offered for public sale at the next abandoned vehicle auction.


Vehicles must be paid for in full before they are removed from the auction site. All vehicles must be towed off of the lot. Buyers have five working days from the day of the auction to remove their vehicle and may do so from 0900-1600 Monday-Friday. Vehicles may not be worked on in the lot of the new location. You must show a signed Form 1348-I, Form 97, or registration for the vehicle to be released. Buyers who have paid in full for their vehicle and have not removed it within five working days will be assessed a $15 per day/vehicle storage charge. Vehicles left for two weeks from the auction date will be declared abandoned and will be towed. Buyers will then be assessed a towing charge in addition to the $15 per day storage charge.


Call the Impound Lot office at 444-2631, Monday –Friday, 0900-1700.

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