Naval Submarine Base New London

Welcome to NSB New London


In 1868, Connecticut gave the Navy land and, in 1872, two brick buildings and a "T" shaped pier were built and officially declared a Navy Yard. Today the Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE), located on the east side of Thames River in Groton, Conn., proudly claims its motto to be "The First and Finest." Since 1900, our submarines have evolved from small submersibles with limited capability to proven warfighters in World War II to today's nuclear-powered, multi-missioned warships. Nearly 100 years of technological innovation and flexible adaptation to changing strategic and defense needs have made today's Submarine Force ready and able to respond decisively across the spectrum of conflict.

SUBASE offers a wide range of support services for military and family members. You can find assistance for child care, parenting, basic skills for living (budgeting and stress management), educational opportunities, employment assistance, spiritual guidance, legal assistance, new parent support, and for a variety of other needs and interests.

At the "heart" of these support services is the Navy Fleet and Family Support Center as it provides a valuable link to other support services through its extensive Information and Referral assistance. The NFSC, the Base Chaplain's Office, Navy Legal Services, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and many other organizations are here to assist you in time of need.

The base is easily accessible from Interstate 95 and is within an hour's drive from two major airports.

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