YORKTOWN — Naval Weapons Station Yorktown was the first installation in Navy Region

Mid-Atlantic to undergo the Higher Headquarters Anti-Terrorism

Assessment (HHA), March 3-7. The HHA was directed by

U.S. Northern Command via U.S. Fleet Forces Command to conduct a vulnerability assessment on installation’s anti-terrorism and security operations, infra-structure and emergency management.

The HHA included a CNRMA-led review of Fire and Emergency Services program to

ensure compliance with Regional Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures and National Standards and an Arms Ammunition and

Explosives (AA&E) Audit in preparation for the next Explosive

Safety Inspection (ESI). This includes the installation’s ability to communicate and operate at emergencies with installation and mutual aid resources.

“Each year an installation is assessed for its vulnerability to a terrorist attack,” said Capt. Mike Mosley, CNRMA Training and Readiness Officer. “This triennial cycle for assessments includes a

DoD (Joint Service Installation Vulnerability Assessment) or DoN (Chief of Naval Operations Installation Vulnerability Assessment), a Self-Assessment and a Region oversight

visit referred to as a Higher Headquarters (AT) Assessment, which includes an assessment of the Emergency Management Program.”

“The CNRMA Regional Training Team incorporates the aspects of the CNOIVA with an integrated training event to put those items assessed by the HHA into action and see the installation’s response to an attack and the ability of command leadership,

first responders, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Battle Watch Team and other departments to respond, control and follow-up after an attack on their installation,” he said.

A major part of the HHA was

the Security Department’s assessment on the station’s Anti-Terrorism Plan during an Integrated Training Team (ITT) exercise,

in which the Force Protection Training team played an intricate role.

“The drill was to assess the station’s ability to integrate and respond to a terrorist threat,” said

Lt. David Nichols, NWS Yorktown Security Officer. “By simulating an intruder gaining access to the

base and blowing up vehicle near a highly occupied building causing multiple causalities and

structural damage, responding forces were able to effectively work

together to minimize further damage and harm to station personnel.”

“The benefit to security was the reinforcing of our ‘one team — one fight’ mission,” he continued.

Being the first installation to undergo the HHA, CNRMA intends to use their assessment of NWS

Yorktown to help other installations prepare for theirs. “The lesson’s learned from NWS Yorktown’s HHA and RTT Assessment will be forwarded to other CNRMA installations for guidance as they prepare for their first RTT visit,” Mosley said, “as well as being

posted to the CNIC ‘Lessons Learned’ database for other regions and installations throughout CNIC.”

NWS Yorktown’s Commanding Officer, Capt. Bette Bolivar, is very proud of her team’s accomplishments. “Not only were we the first installation to undergo such a challenging and demanding assessment, but we also

superseded all expectations from both CNIC and CNRMA,” Bolivar said. “Our administrative, procedural, and operational showmanship impressed all who came to

observe us.”

“Team Yorktown has set the bar for all other installations to emulate,” Bolivar added.

According to Mosely, a lot of “firsts” were accomplished during NWS Yorktown’s HHA. “They did extremely well on their ITE

assessment, considering they were the first ones to be assessed by the Regional Training Team,” he said. “The NWS Yorktown Integrated Training Team can be quite proud of their accomplishments in a relatively short time span.”

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