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The highlight of the events, being the tug-of-war, was next. Although Iraq is well-known for being a desolate dry area, it didn’t stop Marines from digging a hole to fill it up with water.

“The water [was] sitting there for a couple days,” admitted a wide-grinned McKenzie. “It was definitely entertaining.”

Teams of 10 situated themselves in pushup position with nothing but a pit of water between them. A Marine screamed out, “Push up!” The Marines did a push-up and screamed back in unison, “Marine Corps!”

Once the Marines were let loose, everyone scrambled for the rope to get the upper hand on their competition. Throughout the event, numerous participants walked away soaked from head to toe in fermenting, muddy water.

After each event, points were distributed to each team to determine who would take home the trophy.

Not a bad job, huh?” asked Lance Cpl. Denise M. Plowman, in regards to the trophy. Plowman created the trophy using ammunition shells, challenge coins and a Marine Corps issued boot.

“Everyone wanted that trophy,” McKenzie explained. “It is more than I can say for second place. All they (got was) an old boot.”

Although some Marines didn’t win anything, they all remained in good spirits as they event concluded. According to McKenzie, this event gave everyone a chance to relax during the crunch-time that is customary with the end of deployments.

“Not too much longer,” McKenzie said. “We will all be home soon enough.”

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