It's easier than ever for Seabees to complete rate training for advancement.

Sailors in the seven Seabee rates can now download the Naval Construction Forces’ new Seabee Rate Training Manuals (RTM) App and study on the go, whereever they are in the world. They can download RTMs in PDF format, answer and score review questions, and enter completed courses directly into their Electronic Training Jacket by entering their DODID number.

Chief Steelworker Samuel Ruby of the Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering, who led the development, testing, and release of the application, said the app was designed with the fleet in mind.

“We developed the app to give Seabees the ability to have a reference for studying for the advancement exam, 24/7, around the world, without needing a CAC enabled asset and without having to print massive files,” said Ruby.

Sailors can access the app without a CAC and once in, they can review course summaries, illustrations and glossaries, bookmarked content, set calendar reminders, find contact information for support, and send questions and comments to rating program managers using the in-app feedback form.

Ruby explained the app was tested in the Fleet and all feedback came back positive. The Sailors involved particularly like the ability to provide direct feedback and have an impact on training requirements that affect the future of their rates.

The app is part of CSFE’s Technology Infusion into Training initiative, which strives to leverage and apply modern learning methods and management technologies to enhance the delivery of training. The app was designed in coordination with the PMW 240 Sea Warrior Program and Tracen Technology and can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

For more information on CSFE, visit www.netc.navy.mil/centers/csfe/ or follow CSFE on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CSFEPH/.

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