Jason Jones, his brother Grayson Jones, and his mom, Coreen Buntting, visited Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads-Northwest Annex Fire Station #16 on Dec. 19. But this was not just a typical tour of the station.

The family toured the station and met fire and emergency services personnel who responded to the call on Dec. 3 after Jason Jones was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike in front of his house at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads-Northwest Annex.

Jones and his family were able to meet the personnel at the fire station who helped save his life.

“I am so grateful for what they did for Jason that day,” said Buntting “I did not expect for [Jason] to be out of the hospital in a week. This is definitely the best possible outcome.”

Jones was riding his bike on Dec. 3 when he was hit by a vehicle and became pinned underneath. When the personnel at Fire Station #16 received the call, they rushed to the scene and performed the proper procedures on Jason. He was then transported to the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Norfolk.

“I was definitely thinking the worst,” said Buntting.

At the hospital, Jones had a broken left clavicle, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, internal bleeding from the liver, a hairline fracture, and internal bruising.

“I did not expect him to be out in a week,” she said. “And when the doctors told me that he would not have any limitations, I was thinking ‘wow what a miracle.’”

Captain Michael Wise, the Supervisory Captain at Fire Station #16, said that when there is a life-threatening event, it's always good if they get to see the result as a success story or miracle.

“I am very proud of my guys for how they responded that day,” said Wise. “We all take our jobs very seriously and it shows.”

Thankfully, Jones was wearing his helmet that day, which may have prevented him from sustaining additional injuries.

“Great job to him and his parents for recognizing how important wearing the proper protective equipment is,” said Wise.

Although Jones has to undergo physical therapy and some additional check-ups, he is well on the road to recovery.

In addition to touring the station, Jones was given an award and recognized as an honorary firefighter for Fire and Rescue for the Navy.

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