Sonar Technician (Submarines) 1st Class Jackie Flowers, middle, assigned to the Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility (NSTF) in Yorktown, Va., explains tail cone components for a Mark 48 torpedo to Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, left, commander, U.S. Submarine Forces on July 24, 2020. Caudle’s tour of the facility focused on maintenance and readiness efforts; he praised the staff for being extremely knowledgeable and detailed-oriented with a strong warfighting culture. With approximately 168 personnel, NSTF is responsible for 40% of torpedo production for the Submarine Force.


Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, Submarine Forces, toured Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility (NSTF) at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, July 24.

Caudle’s tour of the facility focused on the team’s maintenance and readiness efforts.

During the tour, he praised the staff for being extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented with a strong warfighting culture.

“The work of every Sailor and civilian here is profoundly important,” Caudle said while fielding questions during an all-hands call with the staff. “What you do here is truly unique within the Navy and vitally important to the Submarine Force. I believe all Sailors in the Fleet benefit from learning the complexities of their gear and mastering how they work with it to the greatest detail. Take pride in knowing every torpedo you work on here significantly contributes to our Nation’s wartime readiness.”

NSTF is one of three U.S. Mark 48 Torpedo Intermediate Maintenance Activities, and the only East Coast facility supporting Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic tasking.

With approximately 168 personnel, this one facility is responsible for 40% of torpedo production for the entire Submarine Force.

Consisting of Sailors, civilian employees, and contractors, the facility employs expert engine builders, electronic technicians, ordnance handlers, facility maintenance personnel and test equipment technicians.

During the tour, Cmdr. Robert Lopez, the commanding officer for NSTF Yorktown highlighted his team’s enthusiasm to work hands on with the Mark 48 torpedo.

“The NSTF Yorktown team is the foundation for excellence providing a supportive work environment that promotes innovation and personal growth, and takes pride in producing the highest quality torpedo in the fleet,” Lopez said. “NSTF builds, tests and delivers flawless Mark 48 torpedoes to warfighters for training, qualification and conflict.”

Fire Control Technician 1st Class Jonathan Bagley, assigned to NSTF, also spoke highly of the command’s ability to build a functioning team.

“What I love about working at this command is the level of pride everyone takes in their work, and the sheer amount of camaraderie I see here every day,” Bagley said. “Helping to build these torpedoes, and knowing they will be used in the fleet gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.”

The Mark 48 torpedo is designed to sink deep-diving nuclear-powered submarines and high-performance surface ships. Designed in the 1960s and operational since 1972, the torpedo is the principle weapon of all U.S. Navy submarines.

NSTF supplies Mark 48 torpedoes to all classes of submarines as their anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare weapon.

The mission of the Submarine Force is to provide the training, logistical plans, manpower and operational support to maintain the ability of the Force to respond to both peacetime and wartime demands while ensuring the U.S. Navy maintains undersea superiority into the future.

The Force provides anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, precision land strike, mine warfare, intelligence, surveillance and early warning and special operations force capabilities to U.S. Fleet Forces Command and strategic deterrence capabilities to the U.S. Strategic Command.

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