Naval Station Norfolk (NSN)

More than fifteen Girl Scouts were present at LP-166 “Fire Station #3” on June 27, to experience Camp Fury. Camp Fury is a hands-on Girl Scout camp that gives young girls the opportunity to experience various careers in fire, police and military jobs.

Cmdr. Andrea Ragusa, Executive Officer of HM-15 provided the introduction to the Camp Fury participants. “If you look around the room, it’s pretty incredible; all the females that we have here today, from pilots to crewmen, to maintainers. Even in the military, there aren’t very many females, period. Anywhere from 12% to 18% are the total for females, a very small number. So to see this many in the room at one time is pretty incredible,” said Ragusa.

Throughout the day, the Girl Scouts had the chance to train alongside the firefighters and on the airfield with over fifteen females from various commands from Chambers Field. The day started with a tour of the station along with the fire trucks, getting a hands-on experience to the functions and capabilities. Following the tour of the station and equipment was the static display of aircrafts MH-53, C-2, V-22 and H-60. The static displays were led by the females explaining what they did for the aircrafts and how they function. During the tours the girls received an up-close look of their daily routine and were also given the chance to ask questions about aviation and how it is to have a career in the Navy.

Among the fifteen girls, about five said they wanted to pursue a career in the armed forces.

“If they don’t see it, they don’t know it’s out there. If they don’t know this is an option and they see a bunch of girls that look like them, in five or maybe ten years, it can definitely open their eyes, whether it be aviation or really anything. The second you see someone doing something you didn’t know was an option, you start thinking about all the possible things that you didn’t know was an option,” explained Aviation Warfare Systems Operator Second Class (AWS2) Lily Stevens.

Stevens was excited to expose the Camp Fury participants to the everyday life of a female AWS2, and to make sure they know as females anything is possible as she gave the girls a better outlook on what females can achieve and the endless option of opportunities.

Following the display of aircrafts was the live fire/rescue demo performed by the fire station personnel. The girls had the opportunity to watch as the fire fighters of Fire Station #3 Naval Station Norfolk put out a fire on an aircraft.

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