The Department of the Navy released the results of a Comprehensive Review of the Navy and Marine Corps Uniformed Legal Communities Jan. 10.

The Vice Chief of Naval Operations and the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps led the comprehensive review, with oversight from an executive review panel (ERP), comprising subject-matter experts and consultants with extensive experience from across the government and private sector.

“It is precisely because our legal communities provide vital services, are necessary to promote the readiness of the force and successful mission accomplishment, that a review of this nature was warranted,” said Adm. Robert Burke, Vice Chief of Naval Operations. “This comprehensive review was an opportunity for us as a Department to reflect on how we conduct ourselves and do business, in terms of military justice and legal support to our Sailors, Marines and their families.”

While the findings and recommendations varied slightly between Services, the CR recommended changes in the following areas for both Services: culture, organization, education and training, resourcing, and unlawful command influence. The report included background and data for each focus area, which the Services will use to implement formal changes in the future.

“These recommendations are critical to improving readiness and performance,” said Thomas B. Modly, acting Secretary of the Navy. “I thank the [ERP] for their leadership and subject matter expertise throughout the review. I also thank the professional men and women of our Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps and the Marine Judge Advocate organization for their diligence and hard work throughout this process.”

The complete report can be found here, in the Strategic Documents section of Navy.mil.

“I am confident this comprehensive review will serve not only as a guidepost for our JAG Corps, but for our other Navy communities and sister Services as well,” said Burke. “Our legal advisors must always be cognizant of the sacred trust given to them by the American people and we know it is a team effort to remain worthy of such trust.”

Navy and Marine Corps uniformed legal communities provide legal advice across a range of issues for commanders, Marines, Sailors and their families.

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