The Nutcracker is a famous ballet. Is the ballet all it’s cracked up to be?

Yes, The Nutcracker is all it's cracked up to be. It's a wonderful show with beautiful sets and costumes and even live music!

Why do you think The Nutcracker has remained a timeless holiday tradition for so many?

Nutcracker has remained a timeless holiday tradition because it is full of Christmas spirit and a show you can bring the whole family to enjoy. For many it's their first ballet and for others it's what sparks that inspiration to even begin ballet.

Why does this performance represent the holiday spirit?

This ballet represents the holiday spirit because it takes place during Christmas and shows the real meaning of giving and how the smallest gift can have the biggest impact in a person's life.

What is your role in The Nutcracker?

Currently I am rehearsing Dr. Silberhaus (Clara’s father), Spanish, and the Arabian Charmer.

What is your background?

I started my ballet training at the Baltimore School for the Arts and finished at the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory. In 2016, I joined Richmond Ballet II, and this is my second year in Richmond Ballet’s main company.

In terms of favorite performances, how would you rank this show?

I would definitely rank The Nutcracker as one of my favorite ballets for so many reasons, but the most important I think is that the students from the School of Richmond Ballet and the many local studios in Hampton Roads perform with us on stage. They look up to us and, with their joy and fresh look on ballet, it really sparks joy in all of us.

Any cool dance scenes?

I don't want to give anything away, but the Russian Bear is always a crowd favorite and who knows what tricks may come the audience’s way!

How do you keep the choreography of the show fresh?

The way we try to keep the choreography fresh every year is by rotating roles between the company dancers so each person can bring their personality and their perception to each of the characters.

What would you tell young boys and girls who aspire to dance in The Nutcracker?

I would tell young boys and girls to keep working hard. And keep your head up. Sometimes it will get hard, but if you keep going, the reward will definitely be worth it.

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