Recently, I sampled the 2020 Civic Sport 4 door sedan. The current model has been on sale for several years but has had updates with color, infotainment and suspension tuning to keep it at the top of its segment.

The one I reviewed was a nimble handling car and very attractive in its Rally Red exterior color. I like the sporty and fastback look of the sedan. It’s also available in coupe or ungainly hatchback configurations. Go with the sedan, it looks the best of the bunch and is way more practical. The Civic Sport is also available with racy gloss black 17 inch alloy wheels.

The Driving Experience is one of very nimble steering and handling and a very responsive 2.0 Liter Dual Overhead cam 4 cylinder engine with 174hp. The car is balanced and impressive at all speeds, thanks to great suspension tuning and the aggressive 17 inch wheel and tire combo.

A Honda CVT transmission operated pretty smooth and helps the Civic Sport use the engine in optimal engine efficiency while letting the Civic drive with a sporty, fun flair. I observed 34mpg in mixed , city and highway driving , typical of its compact class.

As good is this car is, it has a few drawbacks. The Interior, while roomy and comfortable, has marginal visibility out the back window. It has a backup camera, but it’s still troublesome backing up. The dash has a good-looking design to it, but the plastic trim near the top is cheap looking. I think Honda can improve the braking feel and offer larger front and rear brakes as standard equipment, across the Civic line. But it’s still comparable to other cars in its size and price range.

Now, on to the bottom line. The Civic Sport, which is the most popular version of the car, had an as tested sticker price of $23,180. This includes infotainment, navigation, Honda Sense driving package (brake and steering assist), air conditioning, and automatic transmission. This is a solid deal if you don’t mind haggling a bit. Priority Honda, located only Chesapeake , indicated that they are able to offer various discounts, over $1500 on select models. I would put this at the top of my affordable new car shopping list.

Details: 2020 Honda Civic Sport 4 Door Sedan Price:$ 23,180

My Ratings (1-10 scale) Performance: 8

Styling : 8

Engine: 9

Transmission : 7

Handling: 8

Braking: 7

Fit and Finish: 8 Safety Features: 9

Value: 9

Overall Rating :8

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