A portrait of Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Brett Walker. Walker was selected as Bluejacket of the Quarter for Naval Station Great Lakes.


Naval Station Great Lakes announced their Sailors of the Quarter for the first quarter in an awards ceremony April 29, 2020.

Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Brett Walker, from Virginia Beach was named Bluejacket of the Quarter for Great Lakes. Walker is a part of Great Lakes’ security department. He has been in the Navy for roughly a year and a half and aboard Great Lakes for a year.

“I feel honored to be recognized for my dedication and hard work aboard the installation. This has proven to me that your work does not go unnoticed, and if you keep fighting to better yourself day-by-day good things will come your way,” said Walker.

Walker’s job involves conducting security for the installation, including traffic stops, perimeter checks, armory duties, etc. He is also a Line Coach for the department, training and qualifying members of Naval Security Forces (NSF) on their weapons qualification courses. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Shalom Center, a food pantry and soup kitchen in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“I truly enjoy feeling that I am a part of the greatest Navy in the world and the things that I do during my daily duties are helping to ensure the safety of my fellow shipmates,” said Walker. “I love what I do and I approach each day as a new challenge to conquer. Once again I am deeply humbled by the award recognition and will strive to achieve even greater heights within my career in the Navy.”

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