Scudder Hall Galley has continued to provide meals to Sailors and Marines onboard Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Yorktown despite COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

The five-star galley serves up approximately 400 meals a day and that number has remained steady since “takeout only” service began mid-March. 

“We put signs up at all the entrances, tape on deck to indicate social distancing, patrons temperatures are taken as they enter the galley, cloth face coverings are required by staff and guests, and hand sanitizer is placed throughout the facility,” stated Dahlia Black, Chief Warrant Officer, Second Class; Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. “In addition, our staff undergo three temperature checks daily and adhere to strict U.S. Navy and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

For the most part everything has been smooth sailing but just like the rest of us, when it comes to ordering groceries, some items are not always available. Despite minor challenges, the galley serves up some very popular dishes.

Taco Tuesday is the busiest day of the week and Scudder Hall Galley’s highest rated meals are oxtails with beans and rice, pizza, and wings. The Sailors and Marines also have favorites when it comes to dessert: ice cream bars, chocolate chip cookies, and cheesecake.

Despite COVID-19 mitigation efforts, Scudder Hall Galley’s award winning staff ensure the Sailors and Marines onboard NWS Yorktown are well fed and ready for duty.

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