Members of the Commandant of the Marine Corps Spouse Program visited Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) on Jan. 30. They toured the Outpatient Mental Health Department, Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as well as the Healthcare Simulation and Bioskills Training Center (HSBTC).

The Commandant of the Marine Corps Spouse Program is a multi-day program, held in Hampton Roads for the General officers and their spouses.

“We were able to share the mission of NMCP with the group,” said Pete Kopacz, NMCP’s Executive Director. “We wanted to show them some of our capabilities and how we positively impact the lives of Marines and their families through the delivery of quality healthcare.”

The purpose of the visit was to highlight some of NMCP’s healthcare offerings. The group specifically asked for information related to mental health and the care of wounded warriors and their families.

“We added some of our family centric care, to include Labor and Delivery and the NICU,” Kopacz said. “We offered them the opportunity to participate in some real-life medical training conducted at the Simulation Center. They were also briefed on how the Simulation Center prepares our corpsmen to become Marine Corps ‘Docs’ and our officers to become their physicians, nurses and other healthcare personnel.”

The Commandant of the Marine Corps Spouse Program consists of approximately 20 members, along with their staff. The program is dedicated to presenting issues and concepts as well as discussing options and best practices to provide peer network support, encouragement and contributions to successful command tours.

“By, hopefully, portraying NMCP positively to this group, we have gained 13 new advocates of NMCP,” Kopacz said.

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