Lincoln Military Housing: Midway Manor

Midway Manor is a Lincoln Military Housing area, located near Oceana, off Windsor Oaks. Lincoln Military Housing that does not have a waiting list is now open to military retirees and Department of Defense civilian employees. Midway Manor does currently have a waitlist, however.


Military housing options are now available to military retirees and DOD employees in the Hampton Roads area.

Lincoln Military Housing, which includes neighborhoods in Oceana, Chesapeake, Little Creek, Newport News, Norfolk and Portsmouth, is now open to retirees and DOD civilians, when the homes are not needed by active-duty military, according to Jamie Taylor, regional housing director for Lincoln Military Housing.

“Active-duty military always have first priority,” Taylor said. “We’re available to help our service members, and we always go above and beyond for them. We want to make sure that they are happy and taken care of. But if we have homes that don’t have a wait list, we are able to accommodate other families into housing.”

Taylor said a change in occupancy, which has allowed families in addition to active-duty to living in housing, began more than a year ago, as a way for Lincoln Military Housing to get revenue for improvements and other needs. Out of about 4,300 homes in the area, about 37 are rented to retirees and DOD civilians, she said.

Those renters pay the same amount to lease the housing as active-duty renters, Taylor said, and they would never pay less. Current rental fees for homes from two to five bedrooms start at $1,366. Leases are for one year, and retirees and DOD civilian applicants must pay fees for a credit and background check for each adult living in the home and show proof of employment and income. Renters pay a security deposit.

“The biggest misconception in our area is that people say they had no idea that there was housing, or they heard that everything had a two-year waitlist,” Taylor said. “I have people who are shocked that they can move in right away or in 30 or 60 days.”

Benefits for active-duty renters include no credit or background check fees or any other upfront costs, no pet rent or deposits, free community events and six-month leases, Taylor said. Also, those who use a lower amount of electricity have an opportunity to earn money back.

Lincoln Military Housing is an affiliate of Lincoln Property Company, which formed a private-public partnership with the Department of Defense in 2001. It has developed and managed more than 36,000 military family homes across the nation, according to its website,

Those interested in renting Lincoln Military Housing should contact the Norfolk Welcome Center, 7924 14th St., Norfolk, 757-961-3783.

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