The Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana NEX Micro Market opened in NAS Oceana hangar 500 on Sept. 13.

“We service the men and women who work on the NAS Oceana flightline,” said Charlene DuBose, NAS Oceana NEX manager. “We are providing them healthy food options 24-hr-day.”

The NEX Micro Market is a self-service, self-checkout store that offers a broad array of fresh food, healthy and traditional snacks, and beverage products at a convenient location for ease of access and quick purchases.

Micro markets are a hybrid of vending and convenience stores. They deliver an improved customer experience than traditional vending machines, offering an expanded assortment variety, while retaining the operational efficiencies of automated retailing.

The NAS Oceana NEX Micro Market is servicing 1,000 flightline personnel. Anyone who can access the flightline can use the NEX Micro Market.

Micro market products are merchandised and fully accessible to customers within a contained, monitored retail environment. Each NEX micro market is adaptable to the size and shape of each space and operates with lower overhead costs than traditional café or other onsite food services. That flexibility and efficiency allows the NEX to offer convenient meal and snack options to the workplace where the building space or population may not support more traditional food concepts.

The Navy Exchange currently operates 25 micro markets. NEX Micro Markets are located in various types of structures including hangars, offices, barracks, and industrial buildings.

Self-checkout and payment settlement is managed through a PCI compliant, automated kiosk payment system. Payment options include credit/debit card or market account.

NEX Micro Markets refrigeration is equipped with food safety technology to help maintain safe temperatures. The refrigeration equipment has automatic mechanical and electronic controls that locks the door when there is a power failure, mechanical failure or other condition that results in an internal temperature over 41 degrees, or 1 degree for freezers, preventing customer access to the products inside. Only an authorized service technician or the route driver has the ability to reset the equipment after it is has been determined what caused the temperature failure.

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