Surface Navy Association’s 21st annual West Coast symposium

Vice Adm. Richard A. Brown, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, delivers the keynote address at the Surface Navy Association’s 21st annual West Coast symposium on board Naval Base San Diego, Aug. 22. Incorporated in 1985, SNA promotes greater coordination and communication among those in the military, business, and academic communities who share a common interest in surface warfare while supporting the activities of the Navy's surface forces.


Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) qualified officers can now stand bridge watches in a soon-to-be issued leather jacket per NAVADMIN 004/20 released Jan. 9.

The institution of the SWO leather jacket—similar to the aviation bomber jacket—is meant to build esprit de corps and reflect a symbol of the tactical warfighter expertise that come with earning a SWO pin.

“The Surface Warfare community has a long-standing history of excellence, and a uniquely identifiable item is one way to signify the outstanding achievement and professionalism of our Surface Warfare Officers,” said Vice Adm. Richard Brown, commander, Naval Surface Forces. “Those who wear the jacket will be easily identified as a part of a long lineage of professional ship drivers and maritime warfighters.

Wear and eligibility instructions were published in NAVADMIN 004/20 complementing the newly released OPNAVINST 10126.5, Management and Control of the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Leather Jacket, which outlines issuance and management procedures for this new uniform item. The SWO leather jacket will be organizational clothing and only available through the naval supply system.

Active, Reserve and Full Time Support (FTS) officers with designators 1110, 1115, 1117 who have earned the SWO qualification are authorized to wear the jacket. SWOs with designator 1113 are authorized to wear the SWO leather jacket if issued while on active duty or during reserve support assignments.

Officers who earn a surface warfare qualification and are issued a SWO leather jacket while serving in designators 1110, 1115, and 1117 and who transfer to other designators are authorized to continue wearing the SWO leather jacket. Officers who transferred from designators 1110, 1115, and 1117 prior to the date of this instruction will not be issued a SWO leather jacket.

Personnel qualified to wear the SWO leather jacket may retain their jacket when separating or retiring from the Naval Service under honorable conditions. However, they are not authorized any subsequent issues or replacement issues after retirement or separation.

The SWO leather jacket availability for issue and wear is planned to start this summer as part of a phased issuance that will continue through 2021. Additional details on the phasing and eligibility for first issue will be promulgated by COMNAVSURFOR.

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