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With deployments and frequent relocations, military relationships can be put to the test. You've aced military life. Now can you bring that same strength and sense of adventure to your marriage?

You can access free, confidential, relationship consultation services like Building Healthy Relationships as well as non-medical counseling through Military OneSource. Call 800-342-9647 or chat online with our trained professional consultants. Also, each military service branch offers programs designed to enrich marriage and maintain a healthy relationship by helping couples develop better communication skills and rekindle the romance. These programs are generally:

Run by chaplains and supported by commanders, Military and Family Support Centers, and installation family readiness programs


Either low-cost or free to service members and spouses

To find out about programs available through your service branch and installation, check with your chaplain or local Military and Family Support Center. Through the center, Military and Family Life Counselors are available on installations and embedded in units. Here are some service-specific programs.


Installation chaplains offer the Strong Bonds Program. The program features:

Weekend retreats that help couples build relationship resiliency

Specific retreats for couples, families, single soldiers and for those facing deployment

Activities for unit members who are on the same duty cycle

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps offers the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program. This program:

Benefits newlyweds and seasoned couples alike

Helps couples improve their communication skills and build strong relationships

Offers workshops through chaplains and Marine Corps Family Team Building


Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operations offer marriage enrichment retreats. More information is available on the Navy's ChaplainCare website. These getaways include:

Weekend retreats that help couples focus on their relationships while enjoying food, fun and romance

The opportunity for couples to learn about handling conflict, growing their marriage, building intimacy, communication and understanding each other

Air Force

The Air Force Chaplain Corps offers the MarriageCare program. Check with your installation's chaplain to see what's available in your area. The MarriageCare program offers:

Weekend retreats to help couples to revitalize their marriage while taking a break from military duty

A chance to work on communication, forgiveness and other skills

Other programs offered by chaplains on Air Force installations

Online tools: Love Every Day

Does daily communication with your partner mostly involve texts? It might be time for a new way to communicate.

Take a few minutes to connect in a fun and meaningful way using Love Every Day. This free interactive tool for your mobile phone prompts you and your partner, via text, to connect in new ways. Both partners answer one question each day for 21 days. Check out the video (streaming YouTube is currently blocked from DOD networks.)

Questions can focus on what you love about one another, provide you with new ways to get to know each other, share thoughts and memories, and show you care in fun ways. Log in, live in the moment and spark some fun with Love Every Day.

MilSpouse Toolkit

From education on military culture to navigating resources, this track is beneficial for new spouses who may be experiencing a disconnect from their family and need to identify a support system in their new community. This track focuses resources to assist new and current military spouses with adjustment to the military lifestyle, developing coping skills and resources for resiliency.

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