A view of the wind turbines at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 


Rear Adm. Charles Rock, commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA), Capt. John W. Hewitt, commanding officer of Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, and base leadership met with Dominion Energy executives on recently to discuss the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project.

Dominion Energy and NAS Oceana have begun discussions for the potential use of an underutilized parcel of NAS Oceana property to support Dominion Energy’s CVOW project.  The energy company has proposed constructing a switching station on NAS Oceana’s land parcel as part of their larger CVOW project, which when fully constructed, will see nearly 200 offshore wind turbines that will generate enough electricity to power 660,000 homes and will contribute to Dominion Energy’s goal of net-zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions across the 16 states they service by 2050.  The CVOW project will also provide NAS Oceana with immediate cost-savings in their maintenance budget.

“I am thankful for the partnership we have made with Dominion Energy over the last two years,” said Hewitt. “We here at Naval Air Station Oceana understand the importance of this project and what it means to Dominion Energy, the Navy, and the Nation.”

Under a broader project named Future Base Design, NAS Oceana plans to out-lease its underutilized property for potential compatible use commercial development in exchange for in-kind considerations. Instead of receiving a cash payment for leasing the land, an in-kind consideration is a lease agreement mechanism where NAS Oceana can instead obtain services such as road maintenance, HVAC repair, and building façade upkeep, to assist in the overall maintenance and repair of base facilities and infrastructure.

NAS Oceana Future Base Design is an innovative prototype initiative that adds to traditional base support delivery methods and its goal is to transform, optimize, and modernize installation capabilities and resilience while also reducing the total ownership cost and footprint of NAS Oceana infrastructure.

“Future Base Design looks radical, but when you break down its elements, it really is not,” said Hewitt. “Out-leasing underutilized property for commercial development for in-kind consideration is nothing new, as the Navy has a long-standing Enhanced Use Lease Program. In fact, we already have arrangements in place, obtained by other transactions, by which we obtain services, such as paving, that we would ordinarily pay for ourselves.”

However, the difference under Future Base Design is the large scale of the initiative where NAS Oceana has the potential to out-lease hundreds of acres across the base. 

“The common motivating principle to all the Future Base Design lines of effort is that they enhance the Commanding Officer’s ability to direct available financial resources at the installation infrastructure necessary for the command’s core warfighting missions,” said Hewitt. “At Naval Air Station Oceana, this means those facilities and functions necessary for generating the U.S. Navy’s naval power to include air operations and training, aviation maintenance, squadron home basing, and other specific requirements for the 71 commands we support.”

NAS Oceana believes that Future Base Design will take between 7-10 years before reaching full maturity.

“This is a long-term engagement approach, not a one-time project,” said Hewitt. “Future Base Design will improve the readiness, quality of life, and safety of the commands that call NAS Oceana home."

To learn more about Dominion Energy’s CVOW project, you can visit, https://www.dominionenergy.com/projects-and-facilities/wind-power-facilities-and-projects/coastal-virginia-offshore-wind.

To learn more about NAS Oceana’s Future Base Design and to more closely follow its progress, you can visit, https://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrma/installations/nas_oceana/om/oceana_future.html for any and all future advances to the project.

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