U.S. Navy police officers in front of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford during a direct hire police media event.


The Navy is looking to expand the civilian police force for installations in Navy Region Mid-Atlantic.

No experience is required and the hiring process is being done through direct hire authority which will streamline the process to help identify candidates who fit the job. Applicants must be 21 and pass a background check, a physical agility test and a drug screening.

“We’re going to bring them on board and send them to the federal law enforcement academy to get them certified,” Col. Teddy Smith, Chief of Police of Norfolk Naval Shipyard said. “It’s paid training and this job comes with great benefits — life insurance, paid annual leave and sick leave, health insurance and 401k.”

There are a wide variety of positions to be filled as well as career progression. Within a year of graduating the academy candidates can compete for more positions. Applicants work in a variety of missions such as patrolman, bike patrol, investigations, canine, harbor patrol and coordinating with local, state, and federal agencies for planning and protecting distinguished visitors.

“Excellent benefits, excellent pay and excellent opportunities for anyone willing to work in the law enforcement field,” said Naval Station Norfolk Police Department Lt. Col. James Scott. “It takes dedication, people skills and it takes people who are willing to rise above themselves and give back.”

Scott said he wanted to be a Master-at-Arms (MA) when he joined the Navy but the opportunity wasn’t available. Even though he no longer serves in the Navy, he is still able to serve his community and said he feels like an MA working alongside them every day.

Although Scott is a veteran, applicants do not have to have military experience for the job.

“No experience is required and you don’t have to be a veteran to come in the door,” Smith said. “This is an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often for not being a veteran for some of these government jobs. We’re here to protect the national assets for the Department of the Navy and protect the warfighters that work on the installations along with federal employees.”

Smith said no degree is required, the pay is very competitive and there are possible performance bonuses as well as a uniform allowance.

The entry-level base pay is $36,400 and in one year, Navy police officers can earn close to $41,000. Applicants can email their resumes to directhirepolice@navy.mil

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