Naval Safety Command (NAVSAFECOM) seeks Sailors and Marines to feature in safety campaigns and promotions such as the “101 Critical Days of Summer,” “Fall and Winter Safety” and other off-duty activities.

To support this goal, the command is launching a Fleet-facing Public Affairs Campaign to solicit safety-related videos created by, and featuring, Sailors and Marines across the enterprise. First, second and third-place winners will be recognized by Commander, NAVSAFECOM.

Sailors and Marines are encouraged to develop and produce videos highlighting and reinforcing a safety message. Ideal submissions will be tailored for social media, engaging and easy to follow. Videos should be between 12 and 60 seconds in duration.

The submission window is Feb. 1 through Oct. 31, 2023. Each video will be promoted across all NAVSAFECOM social media platforms and evaluated on the effectiveness of its engagement after 30 days from the date it is first posted.

The NAVSAFECOM command master chief and public affairs office staff are available to assist and to answer your questions.

NAVSAFECOM’s goal is to promote behaviors of self-awareness, self-assessment, self-correction and continual learning to enable an effective defense-in-depth that ensures the naval enterprise is Safe to Operate and Operating Safely through proper risk identification, communication and accountability at the appropriate level.

For contest guidelines and additional information, visit 2023 NAVSAFECOM Fleet-Facing Public Affairs Campaign under the Resources tab at, or reach out via email to the NAVSAFECOM public affairs office at

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