U.S. Navy photo by Joseph Bara

Technical Information Specialist Lee Watts, left, and Cmdr. Allen Helton, staff judge advocate at Navy Warfare Development Command, review features of the new Navy Doctrine Library website.


The single authoritative repository for all Navy doctrine and tactics related products has moved. The new platform for the Navy Doctrine Library (NDL) delivers better customer ease of access, more dependable functionality and adaptability to changing user requirements.

Navy Warfare Development Command is the executive agent for the Navy Doctrine Library System (NDLS) that is used to distribute doctrine to fleet users and to manage the content of the entire doctrine library. NWDC just completed migration of NDL content to a web-based, collaborative platform to make it more intuitive for users and to provide linkages to other NWDC products.

“Today, the Navy’s doctrine is more up to date than it has been in more than 20 years,” NWDC Publishing Manager Robert Wilhelm explained. “As a feedback mechanism for doctrine users, the previous NDLS website itself contributed to currency. The migration of the Navy Doctrine Library to the collaborative portal will ensure continued improvement.”

The new library site builds on the feedback, collaboration and popular features of the original NDLS.

The site provides feedback to document owners through notifications sent when users post comments about publications. Library users can elect notification of changes to the library or specific publications using an alert feature.

“Users can create personalized document lists by tagging and annotating webpages that are accessible via a personal tag cloud,” Navy Doctrine Information Manager Orlando Irizarry said. “This feature can be accessed easily from each page.”

Irizarry explained that Navy doctrine users have three routes to find and access doctrine through the site. They can drill down through the library navigation hierarchy, use the library site search engine, or browse mission area bookshelves that organize Navy, Joint and Allied publications by subject.

“The NDL integrates with other products managed by NWDC and the warfighting development centers,” Wilhelm said. “For example, the new portal supports the collaborative authoring tool we have been using the last couple of years to increase productivity and save time.”

He said the move also simplifies site maintenance and the portal architecture affords opportunity for long term growth and additional functionality.

“The move supports a more flexible approach for packaging doctrine,” Wilhelm said. “Future additions may include smaller and more focused documents, multimedia, tablet-friendly documents, quick reference guides, and the like. We will be able to better meet customer needs.”

The Navy Doctrine Library is also automatically pushed to the fleet via the Collaboration at Sea site (CAS).

Common Access Card holders can request access to the Navy Doctrine Library by going to the NWDC portal: https://portal.nwdc.navy.mil/ndls.

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