On March 23, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chief Executive Officer of Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) directed the closure of all NEX Barber and Beauty Shops, with the exception of Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Ill.

All NEX Barber and Beauty shops are directed to close within 24 hours of the NEXCOM’s directive and these closures include all NEX Barber and Beauty shops worldwide. The barber shop at RTC will remain open to ensure U.S. Navy recruits continue to have access to haircuts.

NEX Barber and Beauty shops will remain closed for 14 days, or until further notice.

NEXCOM will follow OPM and DoD guidance for our personnel, which places all impacted associates on “Administrative Leave” status for a period of 14 days. Per our current policy, all associates will be paid the prevailing rate wage for this 14 day period.

“At NEXCOM, we will continue to strictly follow all guidance set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for the safety and care of our patrons and associates alike,” said Rear Adm. (Ret.) Robert J. Bianchi, chief executive officer of NEXCOM. “Therefore, based on the close-proximity amid the shops’ working conditions and the recent NAVADMIN, I believe that this will help ensure recommended social distancing standards and protect our Sailors, civilians, NEX associates, and their families.”

The decision to close the NEX Barber and Beauty Shops was made following the release of the NAVDAMIN 073/20, temporarily relaxing hair grooming standards.

NEXCOM is committed to taking every measure possible to protect the health of our force, their families, and our patrons. For questions regarding your NEX, please contact 877-810-9030 or 001-877-432-1736 from overseas.

For questions, contact NEXCOM Public Affairs at 757-631-3439.

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