Navy Lodging Program Appreciation Day

Capt. John Hewitt, Naval Air Station Oceana commanding officer, speaks to the staff of Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS) Dam Neck during a Navy Lodging Program Appreciation Day ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize the exceptional performance of the NGIS employees on board Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex.


Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS) Dam Neck recognized its staff at a Navy Lodging Program Appreciation Day ceremony Nov. 13 on board Naval Air Station Oceana’s (NASO) Dam Neck Annex (DNA).

NGIS is a professionally managed, business-based lodging program in support of readiness and mission accomplishment. With more than 21,000 rooms at military installations worldwide, NGIS provides lodging for the temporary duty service members.

Several NGIS Dam Neck employees received recognition for outstanding performance and were nominated for awards at the regional and national levels.

Renee Evert, general manager, said the goal of NGIS employees is to treat guests as if they were staying at their home away from home.

“A guest approached me in the lobby today and told me how wonderful the staff is, how clean the building is and how happy he was to have stayed here for the past six weeks,” said Evert.

According to Evert, comments like this demonstrate the dedication NGIS staff has to the mission and to the customers.

Rosario Dizon received the 2019 Housekeeper of the Year Runner-Up Award. Josef.Sarate received the 2019 Department Lead of the Year Runner-Up Award. Marsella Rogers was nominated for Department Manager of the Year. Robert Haugh was nominated for Associate of the Year. Ruth Fusco was nominated for Department Lead of the Year and Corrina Crane was nominated for Supervisor of the Year.

Capt. John Hewitt, NASO commanding officer, was present at the ceremony and expressed his appreciation for the staff at NGIS Dam Neck.

“It’s worth mentioning the connection this staff has to what we do at NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex,” said Hewitt. “This job is different. This staff comes to work every day, and it’s different from going to a big-name hotel out in town. I hope there’s a realization when you come through the gate every day that you’re in some way supporting our mission.”

NGIS Dam Neck plays a special part in the mission of DNA, which some people compare to a Navy college campus, as it is an educational location for students of Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSC-HR).

“We house as many students from TSC as we can,” said Evert. “Our goal for housing the TSC students is to make them comfortable so they can study, learn and go on to perform their important jobs.”

Overall, Evert said it’s important to recognize the exceptional work of the NGIS Dam Neck staff because of their love for the military and dedication to the services they provide.

“They deserve it,” said Evert. “They’re the best in the business. They love the military and they do everything in their power to keep the guests happy and make them comfortable.”

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