Recruit Training Command

Recruits walk in formation during a snowstorm at Recruit Training Command. More than 30,000 recruits graduate annually from the Navy's only boot camp.


The Navy announced updates to uniform policy and uniform design improvement in NAVADMIN 282/19, Dec. 9.

Navy uniform policies are the result of fleet feedback, command sponsored requests and direction from Navy leadership. Navy uniform policy updates directly support Sailor 2025 goals of attracting and retaining the very best Sailors by finding greater flexibility in policies and practices.

Uniform item introductions:

Optional Physical Readiness Test (PRT) swimwear updates include two-piece swimwear that is now authorized for both male and female Sailors for their semi-annual PRT (full torso coverage required). Full body swimwear is also authorized for Sailors who elect to swim for their PRT.

The black neck gaiter is authorized during extreme cold weather conditions with the following cold weather outer garments only: cold weather parka, Navy working uniform type II/III parka, pea coat, reefer, and all weather coat.

The Gold Star Lapel Button (GSLB) and Next of Kin Lapel Button (NKLB) is now authorized for optional wear with service dress and full dress uniforms for eligible survivors of service members.

The acoustic technician chief warrant officer (CWO) insignia is authorized for wear by CWOs designated with a 728X designator.

New Uniform Design Improvements:

The summer white/service dress white maternity shirt is being redesigned to enhance appearance and functionality when worn. The new design improvements include princess seams, adjustable side tabs with three buttons, epaulettes, and two side seam hidden pockets. The improved design also removes chest pockets to align with the current style service khaki and Navy service uniform maternity shirt. A future NAVADMIN will announce projected availability for purchase and wear.

NWU and cold weather parka black fleece liner development efforts are underway to enhance the design of the black fleece to include weather resistant (rain and wind) outer fabric, attached rank tab and two side access pockets with zippered closures.

Navy Uniform Initiatives Update:

The OPNAV Uniform Regulations App was revised and renamed in July 2019 and is now the MyNavy UNIFORMS App. The latest revision includes the addition of Chapter 2 (Grooming Standards) and Chapter 5 (Identification Badges, Breast Insignia, Awards, Aiguillettes, Brassards, Buttons, Boatswains Pipe/Lanyard), as well as recently released uniform policy announcements. The MyNavy UNIFORMS app may be downloaded from or your preferred app store.

Fleet testing of the IBoot 5 continues. Feedback from participants has been positive indicating the enhanced design features of the IBoot 5 are a major improvement to the standard Navy safety footwear in the terms of overall fit, comfort and performance. The evaluation will continue through the end of calendar year 2019 to facilitate wear during cold weather conditions. The completion of the IBoot 5 evaluation, participant survey and final report to Navy leadership with recommendation is expected to occur by the first quarter of calendar year 2020.

Mandatory uniform possession and wear dates remain as follows:

Female E-1 through E-6 jumper style service dress blue with enlisted white hat: Jan. 31, 2020.

Female officer and chief petty officer service dress white coat (choker): Jan. 31, 2020.

Black cold weather parka: April 30, 2021.

Navy fitness suit: Sept. 30, 2021.

Male and female E-1 through E-6 service dress white with blue piping: Oct. 31, 2021.

Feedback and recommendations regarding uniform policy, uniform components and uniform availability are welcome and can be provided via MyNavy Portal at, select Professional Resources, U.S. Navy Uniforms and *Ask The Chiefs.* Feedback can also be provided via the MyNavy UNIFORMS App.

Questions regarding this NAVADMIN should be addressed to the Navy Uniform Matters Office, OPNAV N13X, via e-mail to Mr. Robert Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform Matters Office, at robert.b.carroll(at); CMDCM(SW/AW/IW/EXW) Marisol Dumlao, Deputy Head of Navy Uniform Matters Office, at marisol.dumlao(at); or PSCS(SW/IW) Alexandre Adriano at alexandre.d.adriano(at)

These policy updates are in line with the #MyNAVYHR goals of manning the fleet and developing a 21st century fighting force that is focused on inclusion and Sailor readiness.

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