In today’s society, bullying has become increasingly prevalent among school age children. The reason behind this destructive behavior can vary from a dislike of the neighborhood that one resides in, to simple jealousy of the clothing they wear.

We, as a nation, must come together to nurture and reach out to “every” child deemed problematic, this is the only way to begin curbing this irrational conduct.

I believe that journaling would be a helpful and therapeutic tool because it allows for a venting of anger and rage on paper versus physical contact. Writing out your feelings about a need to bring harm to others awards the opportunity to review and realize that maybe there is something about that person or persons that triggers a likeness, or better yet, cause you to reevaluate your own way of thinking and realize that maybe something happened at some point in your life, a negative or traumatic event, that is causing this psychological imbalance.

It is worth a try, and if found to be beneficial, we can begin a journey to the positive restoration of our nation’s youth.

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