Some big names have been talked about a lot this offseason, here are some of the moves you may have missed and their impact on the league going forward.

2/20/18- Bucs released Doug Martin.

Martin has not been the same running back the Bucs saw in his rookie season, but I think as a free agent a team will scoop him up. Martin is a good running back, but I think in an offense centered around Jameis Winston, he wasn’t set up to shine. If a team gets a hold of him and puts him in a feature back spot I think you will see some pretty good numbers coming from him next season.

2/27/18- Bills signed Vontae Davis.

The Bills needed some help on the defensive side of the ball and I think Davis is a good fit. Davis may not be the best corner in the game, but he brings a veteran into the locker room to help develop the young DBs that Buffalo has. Ultimately this is a good signing for the Bills.

2/24/18- Jags extended Blake Bortles.

The Jags brought Bortles in for another 3 years and I gotta say I don’t love it. Sure the guy “got them” into the AFC championship game, but he’s not going to win them a Super Bowl. I would have rather seen them extend him for another year, and see what he does then. I guarantee you his stats next year aren’t that good and he will just be seen as another average starter in the NFL.

2/20/18- Dolphins franchise tagged Jarvis Landry.

This move SCREAMS that the Dolphins want to trade Landry. If you wanted to keep him on the team you re-sign him, and clearly that wasn’t going to be the case. So instead of letting him walk, they figure they can get something out of trading him. Smart move by the Dolphins honestly if they weren’t going to keep him around anyway.

2/26/18- Chiefs trade Marcus Peters to the Rams.

Absolutely love this move from both franchises. Peters is a quality player but the Chiefs seem to be in development mode after trading away Alex Smith. Whats the best way to develop a new QB? Trade some vets and get some draft picks. The Rams pick up a stud corner and are in win now mode with their young players and coach. Good move all around.

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