"Mr. Xcellence" Brandon Scott (R) with a fist drop to Billy Gunn (L) during a recent VCW Heavyweight Championship defense.

“Mr. Xcellence” Brandon Scott, right, with a fist drop to Billy Gunn during a recent VCW Heavyweight Championship defense.

Vanguard Championship Wrestling (VCW) returns to its home base at the Norfolk Masonic Temple on Saturday, June 10, for another night of exciting professional wrestling action. A VCW Heavyweight Championship match has been announced with current Champion “Mr. Xcellence” Brandon Scott defending his title against “The Tongan Giant” Asaafi. It can be said that Scott’s manager Jerry Stephanitsis, who will also be ringside on June 10, is a major reason for Scott being able to hold on to his title since defeating then-champion Damien Wayne on December 5, 2015. If you have never seen Asaafi in person, the “Tongan Giant” moniker is an accurate descriptor of this man’s size and presence in the ring. Will Scott use his speed to out-wrestle the giant, or will Asaafi be able to maintain the strength advantage over Scott and Stephanitsis? It’s hard to predict who will come out on top at the end of the night.

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Superstar Shannon Moore will be in Norfolk on June 10, competing against Rex Sterling. Sterling defeated Damien Wayne on April 1 of this year in an exciting contest. Fans may remember Moore during his time as a member of 3 Count in WCW and his battles in the Cruiserweight Division when working for WWE. Given Sterling’s recent winning record in VCW, video has surfaced that showed Sterling’s disgust that he would have to compete in yet another contest to be declared the Number One Contender for the VCW Heavyweight Championship. Despite his protests, this match between Shannon Moore and Rex Sterling will determine the next contender for a VCW Heavyweight Championship match, whomever that champion may be after June 10.

Marcellus Prime made an impressive debut for VCW at their Suffolk event on April 29, defeating his former tag-team partner Napalm Bomb. On June 10, Prime will step into the ring with Benjamin Banks. Banks’ recent opponents have been much smaller in comparison to Prime. Jerry Stephanitsis will also be at ringside for this contest, so he and Banks may have to resort to additional shenanigans for this match if they want to stop Prime’s momentum. “The Career Ender” Timmy Danger, accompanied by his manager Neil Sharkey, will face off with fan-favorite Livid the Clown. Danger talks a big game and has shown that he is capable inside the VCW ring. Sharkey, who will be at ringside, could be used at Danger’s disposal if the opportunity arises. Livid, equally skilled, has been known to pull a trick out of his sleeve to entertain the crowd and to throw his opponent off of their game.

“The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown, currently one half of the VCW Tag Team Champions with JJ Blake, will look to add another title to his collection when he takes on the United States Liberty Champion Romonus. Romonus has held on to his championship since October of 2016 and may be facing his toughest challenge to date.

The action begins at 7:30 PM on Saturday, June 10. The Norfolk Masonic Temple is located at 7001 Granby Street in Norfolk, next to Granby High School. Visit VCW-Wrestling.com for advanced ticket sales and further information.

Jonathan McLarty is a local sports and event photographer. Connect with him on Twitter (@JonathanMcLarty) and view his photography at McLartyPhoto.Zenfolio.com

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