“Spicing up the menu” is U.S. Navy Thanksgiving tradition according to Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex culinary specialists, who delivered an interesting menu to galley guests.

“I came for the Pho,” said Sue Guilbault, Naval Air Station Oceana executive assistant, who dined at Dam Neck Annex Galley at the Dunes during a Nov. 20 Thanksgiving Celebration. “Pho at a Thanksgiving celebration is interesting.”

Galley staff served traditional Thanksgiving food, along with prime rib and Pho, during the celebration to approximately 600 Sailors, Marines, and Department of Defense civilian employees.

“Sailors who don’t have families living here and can’t go home for the holidays are able to come to the galley and have a good meal,” said Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Traijuan Wallace, a native of Brooklyn, New York. “It feels good to see smiles on everyone’s faces.”

According to Wallace, there have been a tradition of interesting things on Navy menus. In 1917, U.S. Navy Sailors ate Mayonnaise Salad aboard the USS Arizona (BB 39), and Sailors dined on Baked Spiced Spam a la Capitaine de Vaisseau aboard USS Augusta (CA 31) in 1942. He prefers to prepare his favorite dish of Mac & Cheese for guests.

Similarly, Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Brianna Moore, a native of Macon, Georgia, likes to prepare and serve Sweet Potato Pie.

“I feel amazing when we gather, as a team, and prepare a delicious meal for everyone,” said Moore. “People were very happy and in good spirits today."

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