Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk and Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) leadership participated in a transfer of responsibility ceremony in which TPU assumed responsibility of Bullard Hall from Unaccompanied Housing, Feb. 3.


Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk’s Unaccompanied Housing turned over responsibility of Bullard Hall to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) during a ceremony, Feb. 3.

The recently renovated building will greatly improve the quality of life for transient Sailors who previously stayed in open-bay berthing in J-50 (Nimitz Hall). Prior to taking over Bullard Hall, TPU would often reach capacity and forcing them to send junior Sailors to stay out in town, often Sailors who did not have vehicles.

The new building has 24 rooms with 52 beds available to house Sailors. Along with the additional rooms, each floor has a lounge for Sailors. TPU has submitted requests to purchase additional racks, linens and lockers to expand Bullard Hall’s capacity from 52 bed to 96. The goal is to expand all rooms to a four-man configuration to meet the growing need to house transient Sailors.

“TPU is thrilled to have Bullard Hall as part of our housing accommodations. Bullard Hall expands our ability to house transient Sailors and support our most junior Fleet Sailors heading out or returning from deployed or overseas commands,” said CDR Brandi McGehee, Commanding Officer, Transient Personnel Unit Norfolk. On an annual basis this will result in an improved quality of life for more than 4,000 Sailors.”

The mission of TPU is to coordinate with deployed and forward deployed commands to expeditiously transition sailors through administrative avenues and support naval forces.

“The addition of Bullard Hall not only enables TPU to house Sailors on base, but it also provides more private accommodations and increased amenities over current open-bay berthing in J-50,” said McGehee.

Sailors began moving in the new facility on Feb. 3.

For more information about Transient Personnel Unit, Norfolk, visit https://www.facebook.com/tpunorfolk/

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