Vice President Mike Pence visited Sailors and their families on board Naval Air Station Oceana after his arrival on Air Force Two before attending various events in Virginia Beach, Nov. 4.

A crowd of over 130 guests attended the event for a chance to meet, shake hands and take photos with Pence, who spoke with the Sailors and families who were excited to meet him.

Three naval aviators stationed on board Naval Air Station Oceana had the opportunity to show the vice president F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornets on the flight line and give him more information about the aircraft and the mission of the 17 squadrons on board Naval Air Station Oceana.

Lt. Cmdr. Graham Scarbro, one of the aviators who spoke with Pence, said he was very enthusiastic about the aircraft and mission of the base.

“He asked us about the Super Hornets, and we explained the difference between the F/A-18F and F/A-18E and about what we do at Oceana,” said Scarbro. “His future son-in-law is stationed here as a replacement pilot, so it was neat to see he has a connection with naval aviation.”

Lt. Frank McGurk, a pilot assigned to the “Blue Blasters” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 34, said it was an honor to meet the vice president.

“He thanked us all for our service and asked us to thank our families for coming out today and for the sacrifices they make,” said McGurk.

Lt. Steven Shaw, a pilot assigned to the “Gladiators” of VFA-106, was another one of the individuals to speak with Pence.

“It isn’t often that you get to meet someone so high up in our elected government,” said Shaw. “To be able to do so as a representative for naval aviation is an amazing opportunity and an experience I will never forget.”

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