The 757th Airlift Squadron will conduct aerial mosquito spraying over Langley Air Force Base and Craney Island on the night of 21 August, 2019. The 757th AS flies U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules airlift aircraft equipped with a Modular Aerial Spray System to complete their mission. These specially modified C-130s use global positioning and other accurate navigation systems to make sure that the spaying occurs only over designated areas. In addition, a technician monitors operations of the spray rate and flow, under direction of a 757th AS entomologist, to ensure accurate delivery.

The unit will apply Trumpet EC at a rate of less than 1 ounce per acre. The agent is disbursed out of spray bars under each wing in 30-micron droplets. The spray mission will begin after sunset to minimize impact to non-target insects such as bees and to decrease exposure to personnel within the application area. The aircraft will make multiple spray passes. Although no insecticide applications will occur outside the target areas of Langley Air Force Base and Craney Island, the Pest Management department recommends that bee keepers adjacent to these areas cover their hives in the evening to help prevent any loss of bees.

The insecticide being used is safe for humans and pets, but those with allergies or respiratory concerns should remain indoors during aerial spraying operations. It is also recommended that small children remain indoors as their respiratory systems are not fully developed and are more susceptible to irritation.

The visiting C-130 aircrews, from Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio, will conduct the mission in accordance with the Joint Base Langley-Eustis Integrated Pest Management Plan and Air Force Instruction 32-1074, Aerial Application of Pesticides.

For more information contact 633rd ABW Public Affairs at 764-5701, or email

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