Poquoson is an independent city located on the Virginia Peninsula, and is the oldest continuously named city in Virginia. It is also one of the few to retain a name which derived from the Native Americans who inhabited the area before colonization by the English began in the 17th century. The first mention of Poquoson was in Captain

Christopher Calthrope land grant issued by a court in Elizabeth City on April 26, 1631. Three years later the Poquoson Parish was named as a beneficiary in the will of Benjamin Symms for “a free school to educate and teach the children of Elizabeth City and Poquoson.” This New Poquoson Parish originally included the areas known today as Poquoson, Tabb, Grafton, Dare and Seaford.

Poquoson, which was formerly part of York County, became an incorporated town in 1952 and an independent city in 1975. However, the ties remain close. Over 30 years after Poquoson became a politically independent entity, some constitutional services such as the courts, sheriff and jail continue to be shared with neighboring York County.